Wilderness Christianity and Wilderness Christians

What is this wilderness?

The Bible identifies several "wilderness" situations, and probably we should pay attention to what it says... The first is where God shunted the "Children of Israel" off (after the exodus from Egypt), where he kept them walking for 40 years without wearing out shoe leather because they were stubborn, pig-headed, and rejected Him.

They walked till they dropped dead. Only the non-grumblers left the wilderness and went into the Promised Land.

The other example we could look at very closely is where John tells us in his Revelation that God keeps His Bride safe right at the end of time.

During their many disobedient spells, His people were sent away too, like into Babylon, which may also be a wilderness time. Maybe we should look at these too.

There was also John the Baptist's previous history we only get hints about, where prior to taking up the prophet Isaiah's call to "Prepare the way of the Lord" he was kept away from folk too, in the Wilderness of Judea, and took physical nourishment from locusts and wild honey.

Then Jesus Himself, immediately after John baptised Him in the Jordan, went up into the neighbouring and same Judean Wilderness, and it was here He was tempted by Satan himself, immediately prior to starting his ministry.

If we are to pick up Jesus' cross and to follow Him, as Jesus commanded all His disciples, maybe each up us needs face a wilderness where we too are tempted, and then found to be not wanting?

The photo at the top of this page is sliced from one of many on-line photos, a bunch of which I've saved in this directory and acknowledgement is given to each photo there.


And how does it relate to Christianity?

You may find food for thought in these pages, about why so many Christians seem to have opted out of the big "club-house" style of churches, which usually lack depth of Biblical teaching while substituting worldly views on a social gospel, and which provide entertainment geared towards "the masses" on a weekly basis rather than the good news that Jesus taught about the need for the salvation He brought, and from what that salvation actually saves. If you think I'm being harsh, well I've attended a number of them.

Here is a link to a taste-whetting page about that Salvation, please click on the link.

What about Christians who give up on organised religion, and try to go it alone?

We have been taught that a Christian in isolation isn't associated with the Body of Christ. Is that factual?

We would do well to realise that Jesus has told us that He shall be coming for a remnant...

Yet the remnant may well also include some of those in the cathedrals too... because a remnant by definition is a small portion of those claiming to be true believers.


So, why are we here?

To provide a central point for many other sincere peoples' views on this highly relevant topic, rather than it being a one-man-band-show (which most of us have seen in those big club-house buildings, haven't we?) (Big Grin)

Just remember that each of us is an individual, and what some people have expressed in stuff we have saved is not necessarily the view of anyone who enjoys association with this site. That includes the webmaster, obviously.

Alternative ideas are placed there purely to encourage you to think beyond the restrictive boundaries of those who have taught us, remembering that they also were fallible individuals just like we are.

Once we recognise we are not bound by the frequently restrictive practices of the denomination with which we are - or the denominations with which we have been in the past - associated, then we have the liberty with which the gospel of Christ is endowed, to more fully appreciate that "the truth shall set ye free".

Truth comes from God's word.

Not from synods, from CEO's of organisations, or those preachers who sadly don't seem to encourage you to compare their words with what scripture says.

Because comment pages frequently get removed from websites, or because whole sites expire because their owners choose not to renew them (or even die before making arrangements for their maintenance) - with the contents frequently lost as a result, we also have saved a number of pages for your information, because of their thought-provoking nature.

So we are putting together a library of perhaps not so relevant information in your eyes - This is an ongoing process. But have patience, relevance is always in the eye of the beholder. Those we have saved, have been saved by people because reading the page - sometimes found surfing, sometimes sent by a friend - have struck a chord, rung a bell, or what-have-you.

A one-stop-shop has to have a wide library of stuff - even from conflicting perspectives - to make it worth looking there for quick answers, after all. Informed choices is the way we need to go.

In the mean time, we are creating a "page two" with some thoughts on the content we should explore, and an idea on the wide range of topics on which we and others have expressed concern. That page is still under construction, and thoughts put together by the webmaster are also being added, or linked, or both, because life is ongoing, and the promptings of God's Holy Spirit are not limited to as and when a fallible human being decides :)

Prior to that page being completed, you may wish to explore many saved pages in seperate directories under a listing (a directory) called /info; some of which at first glance may not obviously be of interest to Christians.

Actually, when sorting through many computer drives looking for saved directories on topics, or remarks made by specific people, absolute amazement is the only word to describe the extent and the amount of the content that has caught the webmaster's eye over a number of years...

God bless you, friend, for taking the trouble to visit. We hope you will keep your interest in Christ and his "remnant" Church, His body of believers, who are "going on unto (towards) perfection (or maturity)".

And please keep your interest in this site, as we construct the first few pages, slowly, checking them, to get them them right. "Rome was not built in a day" as the saying says. Nor will this web site be either <grin>

This page will likely change from time to time as well, as it is here that links to various "departments" of thought on this immense topic will eventually all be located.

In the mean time, please visit my close friend and associate at his subdomain of www.totall.wildernesschristianity.com and the page will open in a new window or tab of a window, according to what browser you are using, and how you have it configured

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