Does Churchianity Spit Upon Jesus Christ?

by Van Robison

spitIn the Old Testament the word "spit" is listed in the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance four times. In the New Testament the word "spit" will be found seven times as follows:
  • Matthew 26:67 "Then did they SPIT in His (Jesus Christ) face..."
  • Matthew 27:30 "And they SPIT upon Him (Jesus Christ)..."
  • Mark 7:33 Jesus spit in a case where he healed a deaf man, who had a speech impediment.
  • Mark 8:23 Jesus spit in the case of healing a blind man.
  • Mark 10:34 "And they shall...SPIT upon Him (Jesus Christ)..."
  • Mark 14:65 "And some began to SPIT on Him (Jesus Christ)..."
  • Mark 15:19 "And they smote Him on the head with a reed, and did SPIT upon Him (Jesus Christ)..."
In John 9:6 Jesus also SPAT upon the ground, made clay of the spittle and healed a blind man. As to why Jesus spit in those cases where He healed is speculated upon, in different ways by various individuals. There is an obvious great difference in why Jesus did spit, and those who SPIT upon Jesus Christ. Christ was SPIT upon out of ridicule, mockery, disgust and hatred by those who did this vile act. Even to this day, there are people who SPIT upon others (literally).

Churches do not literally SPIT upon Jesus Christ, but in a symbolic sense, many do because they reject the teachings of Jesus Christ in favor of the traditions and customs of men. The world of churches is overrun with man-made institutionalism, much as the religious environment in the time of Christ. Matthew 23 is proof that traditions in the time of Christ are still extant today. Oddly, the religious church leaders today seem to be blind in many ways, and in need of healing. The Healer is Jesus Christ, who came to set the captives free. Church leaders are bound in bondage to many traditions and are unable to see. They are often like the blind man that Jesus touched, and he only had a blurred vision (seeing men as trees) because when Jesus touched Him a second time, He saw clearly.

I would suggest that Jesus needs to spit (Mark 8:23) on the eyes of many pastors today, and heal their blind eyes so they can see--spiritually. Many are the pastors and church leaders who have blurred vision, all the while thinking they "see."