Miracle and Healing Ministries

by Van Robison

faith healingDo I believe in miracles? Yes! Do I believe in healing? Yes! That said, I also know that in the world of what is called "Christianity", there is and has been a lot of things proclaimed, for which there is no real proof, that such things ever happened. For a period of several years, during one stage of my life, I read many books about "healing", "miracles" and "supernatural" happenings. Some of the personalities I read books about include:
  • Smith Wigglesworth (several books on his ministry)
  • Kathryn Kulman (books and videos both)
  • James Gordon Lindsay
  • William M. Branham
  • Marie Woodworth-Etter
  • Aimee Semple McPherson
  • John G. Lake
And no doubt, I read books about others whose names I have not included here. As a young boy in Amarillo, Texas, my dad took me to a tent meeting in which Oral Roberts prayed over people, and they were supposedly healed. That left me with an impression for life. It is impossible to read books about miracles and not be highly impressed and stirred. While reading the many books on healing, I was completely convinced that these healing miracles actually did happen. All that was years ago in my journey through life, and as I reflect back, I realize that I have never witnessed a dead person brought back to life, or a paralyzed individual leap out of a wheelchair. I believe in answers to prayer for sure, but I have simply never seen missing body parts restored, such as hands, arms or legs, or other dramatic and obvious miracles.

I once attended a church were David Hogan was a guest speaker, and he is reputed to have raised something like fourteen people from the dead in Mexico. We witnessed no miracles, even though we were emotionally carried away with his accounts of the dead coming back to life. In a lifetime, there are many colorful personalities that come on the scene and influence great crowds of people. We all know Benny Hinn is such a person.

Ultimately, I can't help but wonder how many of these ministries and many more are simply rooted in money for those who claim special powers. No doubt, there are people who will defend them and others who will cast doubts. I have also personally attended two Benny Hinn "healing" crusades and you can be sure that those events take a pile of money to host, and they generally also take in a great deal of money. In one church I attended long ago, a young man who was paraplegic was prayed over by several ordained pastors, all at one time, and he left the same way he came in. I don't criticize their efforts or faith--the point is that healing just did not happen.

There are countless books over the years that have been published in regard to healing, miracles and the supernatural. It is an area of life that is intriguing, mysterious and full of emotion. Unfortunately, it is also an area of life that is wrought with great disappointments. Literally thousands of people in need of healing have flocked to "healing" ministries, revivals, crusades and so forth, only to come away depressed and distraught. Many have marched across a stage, thinking they were healed and gone home and passed on from this life. Playing on the emotions of human beings can be very abusive. Some in "ministry" do so to fill their bank accounts. Often in life, we only learn the hard way that the world has fake healers, false prophets and charlatan preachers, who use the name of Jesus Christ for their personal benefit. Not only is the need for physical healing an overwhelming issue in life, but so also are the wounds of the heart, mind and emotions. The REAL HEALER IS JESUS CHRIST. In my view, focus upon celebrity preachers has caused great disappointment to many. In the world of ministers, preachers have always sought to draw a crowd. Millions have been swept up in running here and running there, in the belief that Jesus Christ is over there.