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Hebrew Roots, The Four Waves & Their Roots

 A Little “Identity” Crisis ~ British Israelism


1 John 2:9,10

“He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now." 

"He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.” 

Charles  Parham repeatedly taught many sermons including, “Anglo-Israel— Where are the lost tribes and the scepter of David.” 43 which Frank Sandford, as well as Parham's close friend and mentor, J.H. Allen also taught.  J.H.Allen records he met Parham “when he was a young preacher and unmarried”—i.e. before Dec. 31, 1891—“ He then being pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Eudora, Kan. [started there at 19] at which time I was holding the Blue Mound Holiness Camp Meeting.” Parham and his group attended Allen’s meeting where Allen had announced previously that he, “…would preach on our Anglo-Saxon identity with the house of Joseph of "the ten lost tribes of Israel."  44

 J.H. Allen wrote the book “Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright” which is the exact same source of theology for Herbert W. Armstrongs teachings on Anglo/British Israelism, which is described clearly on the World Wide Church of God (WWCG) website:

 [Armstrong]…believed Anglo-Israelism -- the doctrine that the Anglo-Saxons of the United States and Britain were the true descendants of the House of Israel, while the Jews descended from Israel's other division, the House of Judah -- provided the key to understanding the prophets. He concluded that instead of applying the House of Israel prophecies to the Jews, one should apply them to the United States and what was then called the British Commonwealth…” 45

Allen, like Sandford, taught that the White Race was God’s choice to work his purpose; that Race was the basis of choice between Esau and Jacob; Ephraim and Mannaseh and the whole teaching of the lost ten tribes, and other Anglo/British Israelite fallacy. His book also presented the idea that the British royalty were of the Davidic line. 46

The President of Plain Truth Ministries, Worldwide Church of God is Dr. Joseph Tkach. In 1986, his father had been named successor to Herbert W. Armstrong and he followed. His decision to reform the WWCG resulted in a three way denominational split. The Philadelphia Church of God (which upholds British Israelism, etc.); the Global Church of God, and the United Church of God, which all uphold various Armstrong doctrines. Ted Armstrong, who left the WWCG in 1978, is head of the International Church of God. Tkach believes, that in spite of errors, H. Armstrong had a high view of Scriptures. In 1988, they "abandoned, the teaching of British Israelism and now have racial reconciliation meetings." 47. 

The ACCC Report records that Tkach and the WWCG hosted a breakfast at the National Religious Broadcasters 54th Convention (1997) and was voted to receive full membership at the National Association of Evangelicals 55th Convention in 1997. Jack Hayford of Church of the Way (Foursquare) and Dr. Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary urged the NAE to receive the WWCG as full members. 48.

For those not familiar, The ACCC Report, referenced above, is a Publication of The American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC) > > and was supposedly set up to counter the ecumenical World Council of Churches. Dr. Ralph Colas, their Exec. Secretary, is an associate of Sarah and Lynn Leslie of the Christian Conscience. For more on the ACCC Please see [See: ACCC meet]

Some suggest that the source of British Israelism lies with a man named Richard Brothers who believed he was the ‘nephew of the Almighty, descendent of David and ruler of the world.” 54 Brothers was actually a disciple of Joanna Southcott, who believed, being still a virgin at 65, she was the “Mother of the Messiah.” The 'mantle' was passed to Richard and successively to six other “angels.” Joanna died in 1814, “leaving an estimated following of 150,000 including bishops of the Church of England, nobility and men of wealth.” 55  

Southcott’s “… first prophecy came in 1792, when she announced to a bible class that she was to be "the Lamb's wife." She straight away had a fit and had to be carried from the class…Joanna's big break occurred in January of 1802, when she met a wealthy engraver from West London named William Sharp, who subsequently became one of her disciples. Prior to her death Joanna Southcott had prepared a sealed box supposedly containing the secret of world peace and her predictions for the following centuries. She left special instructions that the box was only to be opened in a time of national crisis and then only in the presence of 24 bishops (or elders) of the Church of England. In 1927 the box was sent to the National Laboratory of Psychical Research…” 56.

Brothers supposedly “authored the "British Israel" movement that taught that the scattered and lost 10 families of Israel had journeyed northward, and through migrations had settled in northwestern Europe and particularly the United Kingdom.” 57  

However the facts go much deeper, with a connection to the Druids. Professor Stuart Piggot writes in The Druids” of the influence of Rowland Jones who saw Cabalistic teaching in the words and syllables of the Druids. Professor Piggot states, “of Rowland Jones, it has been written”:  

“…through his influence on…William Owen Pughe… he helped to pollute the stream of Welsh scholarship throughout the nineteenth century…The Druids in their latter days begin to move away from scholarship, however eccentric, and offer themselves as symbols within a non-rational universe…Pughe was one of the Twenty-four Elders appointed by Joanna Southcott, the religious maniac, together with the engraver William Sharp, who had previously been  a follower of Richard Brothers…Both Sharp and Pughe were friends of William Blake, and Robert Southey wrote of Pughe, ‘Poor Owen found everything he wished to find in the Bardic system, and there he found Blake’s notions, and thus Blake and his wife were persuaded that his dreams were old patriarchal truths, long forgotten and now re-revealed.” 58

 “…’the antiquities of every Nation under Heaven’, Blake was to write, ‘is no less sacred than that of the Jews. They are the same thing, as Jacob Bryant and all the antiquaries have proved. ‘ Though the Druids change their character as Blake’s own vision changed during the writings of the Prophetic Books between 1797 and 1804, they have their apotheosis in the context of his revolutionary discovery that Britain was the original Holy Land, and Jerusalem not so far from Primrose Hill…"

"The Druids are the priests, lawgivers, philosophers and mathematicians of Urizen, but by Jerusalem, “All things Begin & End in Albion’s Ancient Druid Rocky Shore”…’Was Britain the Primitive Seat of Patriarchal Religion?’ Blake asked, and straightway gave his answer: Patriarchal Druids originated in Britain and spread their doctrine far and wide, even to the oak-groves on the Plain of Mamre. ‘Your Ancestors,’ he told his readers, ‘derived their origin from Abraham, Heber, Shem and Noah, who were Druids, as the Druid Temples (which are Patriarchal Pillars and Oak Groves) over the whole Earth to witness to this day.’ And in a single phrase Blake takes us, and the Druids, back to a familiar landscape. ‘The Nature of my Work, ‘ he wrote, ‘is Visionary or Imaginative; it is an endeavour to Restore what the Ancients call’d the Golden Age.’” 59.  

The history of the Druids provides some of the more notable names involved in the movement, along with some of it’s more aberrant factions and teachings.

 “…1781, a 'secret society', The Order of the Ancient Druids, had been set up in London by Henry Hurle...on Garlick Hill in the city, on lines doubtless inspired by Freemasonry...In 1833 the Order split…majority became ‘The United Ancient Order of the Druids.’ This, with ...numerous daughter Orders, flourishes as a Friendly Society, but the rump of the 1833 split also contained its original mystic lines...Albion Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids of Oxford (1908) it accepted as an initiate the young Winston Churchill at a ceremony in Blenheim Park.... Henry Hurles original Order…The British Circle of the Universal Bond---split and formed The Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids in 1963—meet on Tower Hill in London.  1717 members of Druids include John Toland, William Stukeley, Lord Winchilsea and William Blake. Chief druid from 1909 to 1946 --George Watson Macgregor Reid, friend of Bernard Shaw..." 60.

 “A man named Owen Morgan or Morien around the 1920's in England managed to reconcile his pious Welsh Calvinistic Methodism with Druidism even though it meant equating Taliesin with Jesus Christ.--his writings such things as Phallic worship to the Holy Greal, by way of Druidic Mysteries.” 61.

Pat Robertson (CNP) writes that his family's aristocratic lineage links to the British Churchill family. Another source states that British Israelism was a matter of Spiritual and Political provocation. The purpose was to deceive the Jews into an alliance with Britain.

“…John Dee, the son of one of Henry VIII's court officials, grew up surrounded by this controversy and the mystical currents concerning the notion of British Empire. The latter involved a spiritual as well as a geopolitical aspect: the British were to inherit the earth, and in the process foster the spread of True Christianity. That is, not Catholicism… According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, the kings of Britain were descended from Brut, of Trojan origin. King Arthur, one of Brut's descendants, was considered the chief exemplar of sacred British Imperial Christianity. John Dee identified with this Arthurian notion of Empire, as he believed himself to be descended from the ancient kings of Britain, and was thus himself a distant cousin of the Tudor Queen Elisabeth I.”

“Another line of thought led to the doctrine of British-Israelism, which held that the British were the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel. The doctrine of British-Israelism and the Lost Ten Tribes was intended to forge a political alliance between the British monarchy and the Jews of Amsterdam, through a merger of the Arthurian Imperial tradition with Cabalistic interpretations of the Hebrew scriptures….

“To forge ties between Jewish merchants and British Imperialists, John Dee created the concept of British-Israel, which gave the British and the Jews a common racial identity, and invoked biblical prophecy to show the inevitable triumph of British Imperialism: the British, as Abraham's seed, were to inherit the earth. Dee also introduced the Jewish Cabala to the British ruling class and its interlocking network of European royal dynasties. All this set the stage for the later absorption of European Jewish merchants and bankers into British society…In essence, the dissemination of the British-Israel doctrine was an intelligence coup carried out by the British Monarchy.” 62.

It is from this thinking, which correlates with J.H. Allen’s writings, comes the propagation of the idea that the British Crown is of the Davidic Line. Hence, those who are spreading that idea are also disseminating British Israelism, deliberately or not. 

A telephone conversation April 7, to John Hagee Ministries revealed that, while having been charismatic, they now refer to themselves as "Info-Revival". Their church has been organized with a governmental leadership of 12 and the congregation is divided into twelve tribes. They now teach that the "Chosen people" are Israelites and all Christians must be Israelites, therefore each must become part of one of the Israeli tribes. According to the Hagee Ministry representative, those failing to adhere to one of the 12 tribes gets prayed over until they desire to belong.  They do not consider themselves to be a Messianic congregation.


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