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Cyclones, bush-fires, and flooding—where is God?

glowing haloAustralia has been hammered by natural disasters in recent weeks, with devastating floods making international news, the largest recorded cyclone ever to cross the Australian coast, and raging bushfires. With Christians as well as unbelievers suffering from the effects, how can we claim that God is good? See our answer in this re-posting of our article in response to Australian bushfires two years ago.

Aliens in the media—we respond!

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Officers in the United States Air Force give sworn testimony that UFOs have de-activated missiles. A Vatican astronomer accepts that ET life exists and says he would even baptize aliens, but “only if they asked.” And British school children participate in drills that anticipate a UFO crash. What in the world is going on?

Gary Bates, CEO of CMI–US and author of Alien Intrusion (now in its fifth printing and second edition), examines these stories and gives a biblical perspective in The aliens are coming!

NCSE reviews The VoyageVoyage logo

It took over a year, but the National Center for Science Education has come out with a review of CMI’s documentary The Voyage that Shook the World, produced for the Darwin bicentennial and the 150th anniversary of the publication of Origin of the Species. While they say it was ‘better than expected’, they accuse us of being disingenuous about how we presented the facts. CMI–US’s Dr. Robert Carter, who was one of the interviewees featured in the documentary, responds.

Are you interested in screening The Voyage in your church? Click here for details!

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Is charity more important than apologetics?

You should be feeding the hungry instead of worrying about defending the faith’, we often hear. After all, the gospel can defend itself, right? But it’s just as important to defend the very faith that motivates people to be generous with their time and resources as it is to act on that faith with charity.

Did Joshua’s missing day actually happen? Have we found evidence for it?

The account of Joshua’s long day is one of the fascinating accounts in Scripture that has provoked lots of controversial debate about exactly what happened. Did the sun and moon actually stop in response to Joshua’s prayer? And can it be scientifically established? Read our article from the Creation magazine archives.

All One Blood: A Story of Indigenous Australians

This latest comic is motivated by a desire to see God’s blessing upon our Aboriginal brothers and sisters. It’s about two Aboriginal friends, Billy and Stan, who talk about their families, their problems and their place in the world. Through it we teach the biblical truth that all people are related through our All One Bloodcommon ancestry: first through Adam and Eve, the first couple to live on this earth, and second through Noah and his wife and family, who survived the global Flood. None is superior or inferior. We are all “one blood” as the Bible says in Acts 17:26 (KJV). Please let your friends and contacts know about this comic so that it can make a difference.

Feedback: Great tract … very impressed with the relevant language and content. Carl M.

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Would you like to help CMI get the message out? Just click on the Facebook ‘Like’ button on the front page of (below the Creation Magazine Live button). It only takes a few seconds! classic: Frankenstein foods

Are genetically modified foods safe? Are they biblical? Where does something stop being part of a valid outworking of the dominion mandate, and start being an example of ‘playing God’? CMI–Australia’s horticulturalist Dr Don Batten gives a perspective in Frankenstein Foods.

Frankenstein Foods and Fetuses

Frankenstein Foods and Fetuses DVD

Dr Don Batten discusses the controversial topics of genetic engineering and cloning. Is the genetic modification of our foods ethical, safe, and biblical? What about cloning and stem cells? How have researchers been influenced by evolution?

Audience: High School–Adult
Length: 52 Mins

Putting the Pieces Together

Putting the Pieces Together 6-part DVD series
was $59 now $45

A comprehensive 6-part DVD series featuring Drs Tas Walker and Don Batten designed to help you and your group develop a fully-integrated Christian worldview. Ideal for schools/teachers, Bible study and discipleship groups, and general teaching in church. Includes a 48-page participant’s workbook in PDF format for you to view on your computer or to print out yourself.

Dinosaurs by Design
was $25 now $18

Dinosaurs are a tremendous teaching tool for creation, and have a lasting fascination for all ages. This book provides enthralling detail on the lifestyle of individual dinosaur types with colourful, life-like illustrations.

Dinosaurs by Design

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