Freemasonry, Christianity & Christians

Are oath-bound societies (lodges) compatible with Christianity?

We have no argument over the good morals and behaviour of Freemasons, or of any other genuine lodges which are organisations of men who serve the community with love, and caring for the needy.

However, this website is about Christianity, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and the relationship of its adherents to Jesus who is "both Lord and Christ".

Therefore we need examine the claim of Freemasonry itself, Freemasons in general, and Freemasons who claim to be Christians, that there is nothing incompatible between the aspirations and love of their "Great Architect of the Universe" (abbreviated G.A.O.T.U.) of any member of the "Craft" on the one hand, and Christianity on the other hand.

Freemasonry claims in many places, and in public statements to this effect by its senior officers - including members of the Royal Family of Great Britain (in their capacity as senior brethren in The Craft), that this is so.

A Christian is taught that there is no-one who can serve both God and Mammon (that is to say any other "spiritual master"). There is no salvation other than through Jesus Christ. And the Bible teaches that all who served "foreign gods" came to very unfortunate sticky ends with the statement being implied by Christ Himself "I knew you not - despite your good works" (my paraphrase of the biblical quote).

Freemasons are taught that the deity worshipped by one brother in the Craft is equal to, or put in another way, as great as that worshipped by another brother in the Craft. There is no room for a brother to convert another to the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact a brother could be expelled for so doing. Names of the prospective brother's "Great Architect of the Universe" (abbreviated G.A.O.T.U.) include the Christians' Jesus Christ, the Budhists' Buddha, the Moslem's Allah, the Jewish Hashem, and many others

Therefore, it has to be be the position of a Christian that he cannot swear any oaths to serve the lodge and the organisation behind it, without contradicting (and compromising) the basic or root tenet of Christianity that Jesus is Lord - by implication Lord over all... and that no other god(s) can even be considered in the same breath. The two statements are (by definition) irreconcilable.

Someone who is a Christian who believes in the authenticity of the Bible should understand the points in this very short article. Those who do not accept the authenticity of the Bible, and those who have had no real exposure to Christianity, are not likely to accept these points, particularly if their thoughts are clouded emotively about "Uncle So-and-so was a good man so it must be a fine organisation". I leave those points with you, and ask you to reconsider, if that is your position.

I had a grandfather who was a 30th or 31st degree, and he wrote in his memoires that he was a Christian. At his advancement to 30th degree, many things would have fallen into place in his understanding.

Often recruitment is through family associations, or workplace associations - for example my grandfather was recruited as an "Apprentice" by his brother-in-law (who was a Crown-appointed medical officer in the Colonial Service of the U.K).when he remarried some years after the death of his first wife (who was my grandmother). My father never entertained The Craft..

My father-in-law (who, sadly, I never met) was also a Mason, as are his other son-in-law and a grandson. It is not my place to judge any individual - as that is solely the responsiblity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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last updated 9th March 2010