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Back To Myths and Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict (book)
  Judgment Day! Islam, Israel and the Nations 

By Dave Hunt

What's going on in our world? Where are we headed? What does it all mean? Dave Hunt has nailed it. This book is a wake up call to a sleep-walking world trying to make sense of events that were foretold in the greatest book ever written, the Bible.
~Joseph Farah, Founder,

It has been said that there may be moderate Muslims, but Islam is not moderate. Dave Hunt ably exposes this fact and reminds us that the Islam producing today's terrorism is the Islam of its founder, Mohammed. As such, it is as much a threat to Judaism and Christianity today as it was when it was first spread by the sword in the seventh century A.D. Dave's impassioned warning, however, goes beyond the political to the prophetic, alerting us of the judgment that is about to befall this planet and how to prepare an escape before that day arrives.
~Randall Price PH.D, Founder & President, World of the Bible Ministries, Inc.

This new book is the most comprehensive examination of ancient biblical prophecy and modern-day Middle East politics regarding Islam, Israel, and the nations—which includes the United States of America! Painstakingly researched using up-to-the-minute data, "Judgment Day!" is sure to become a respected resource for scholars, analysts, pastors, professors, politicians, and laypeople alike.

Amazing historical facts and first-hand, eye-witness insight make this book a thrilling, sometimes troubling, read—but one that is necessary for a heavenward understanding of the prophetic times in which we live.

Hardcover, 400 pages.

As a very special added bonus, when you purchase "Judgment Day!" from WorldNetDaily's online store, you can also receive – FREE – three issues of our acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, which many have called the best news magazine in the world. That's a $22.50 free value! (Offer good in the U.S. only.) Watch for the free offer during checkout.

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