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  Whistleblower Single Issue - October 2006   

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It may be the single most vexing question in today's world: What to do about Islam and its rapidly expanding violent jihad?

The answer can be found in the October issue of WND's always-groundbreaking monthly magazine, Whistleblower, in a provocative issue titled "THE PROBLEM WITH ISLAM."

Most Americans were oblivious to Islam until a certain Tuesday morning five years ago. But on Sept. 11, 2001, they woke up to learn they were in the midst of a world war, targeted for destruction by an enemy they had scarcely ever heard of. Today, militant Muslims are on the rampage worldwide, some recently calling for the assassination of the pope, with others threatening that unless Benedict XVI converts to Islam, Christian churches will be burnt to the ground.

But such outrageous threats, as well as the mass murder that often follows, have become commonplace. On the slightest provocation – a newspaper publishing cartoons depicting Muhammad, a journalist making a comment about Muhammad during the Miss Universe pageant – angry Muslims erupt into a campaign of arson, brutality and murder.

Meanwhile, as Western governments and journalism organizations continue to refer to Islam as a "religion of peace," virtually all terrorist acts worldwide – over 5,000 instances since 9-11 – have been committed by Muslims, against Jews, against Christians, against other non-Muslims, even against other types of Muslims.

Yet, there's an even bigger Islamic threat than violent jihad. Today, the West is being transformed by Islam. Especially in Britain and Europe, where Islamic immigration is already well advanced, analysts conclude it's simply a matter of time before some of these nations have Muslim majorities. Then comes Sharia law and the total transformation of these formerly Christian countries into repressive Islamic states.

Exaggeration? Consider that the Netherlands' justice minister, Piet Hein Donner, recently announced he would welcome Sharia law to his European nation – already rapidly filling up with Muslims – if the majority votes for it. Under Sharia, just as in Arab-Muslim nations currently under this strict Islamic legal system like Saudi Arabia, Europe may see amputations – as prescribed in the Quran – as punishment for certain crimes; women publicly flogged and sometimes hanged or stoned to death for adultery or other so-called "crimes against chastity"; and death sentences for leaving the Muslim religion, or even for preaching Christianity, as occurs in Pakistan under its notorious "blasphemy laws."

What about America? Though the percentage of Muslims in this huge nation is much lower than in Europe, the growth of radical Islam already has a powerful foothold in many parts of American society. Beyond the rapid proliferation of Saudi-funded mosques, Islamic centers and schools teaching hatred for America, consider the nation's prison system.

"Radical Muslim chaplains, trained in a foreign ideology, certified in foreign-financed schools, and acting in coordination to impose an extremist agenda have gained a monopoly over Islamic religious activities in American state, federal, and city prisons and jails," says author Stephen Schwartz. "Imagine each prison Islamic community as a little Saudi kingdom behind prison walls, without the amenities. They have effectively induced American authorities to establish a form of 'state Islam' or 'government-certified Islam' in correctional systems."

Despite all this, most politicians and journalists in the West – whether out of sympathy, or out of fear of having their throats cut – are afraid to criticize Islam publicly. Yet if radical Islam can succeed in throttling all criticism, from the pope on down, it will have succeeded in imposing de facto sharia law– which prohibits all criticism of Islam or its prophet – on the entire world.

Highlights of "THE PROBLEM WITH ISLAM" include:

  • "My prescription for peace" by Joseph Farah

  • "A view from the eye of the storm," by Haim Harari, in which the renowned scientist, born and bred in the Middle East, shares uncommon insight on how to deal with Islam

  • "Time to profile airline passengers?" by Daniel Pipes, who identifies new high-tech systems designed to identify flyers with "hostile intent"

  • "Why we must profile" by Robert Spencer, author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam"

  • "'Glimpse into the heart of the Arabic world,'" shocking first-hand insights by former Middle East TV news anchor Brigitte Gabriel

  • "The perfect enemy and how to defeat it" by "Infiltration" author Paul Sperry, who reveals – in detail – what FBI agents, terrorism investigators, and detectives confide will really work in defeating radical Islamists

  • "The Crusade we must fight today" by Robert Spencer, who specifies what citizens and government must do to reverse the global jihad

  • "The God vacuum: America and the barbarian hordes" by David Kupelian, on the bottom-line answer to the big question, "What to do about Islam?"

"'THE PROBLEM WITH ISLAM,'" said WND founder and editor Joseph Farah, "provides the insight and answers Americans have long needed to deal with the gravest threat of our lifetimes. Read it carefully, and pass it on to others."

Note: You can also order a subscription to Whistleblower magazine. Simply click here.

If you wish to order by phone, call our toll-free order line at 1-800-4WND-COM (1-800-496-3266).


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