Islamic Jihad...

What exactly is it?

That is a very good question, and extremely difficult to answer concisely - which is something with which I have have great difficulty. Conciseness, that is; you see I'm verbose by nature!

Perhaps it would be easier to look at how and why those who choose to practice this waging of war "on behalf" of Almighty God (as perceived by them) on others with whom they disagree on beliefs and behaviour do so.

Readers Digest February 2002 (26K)

This section of this website does exactly that, and we start with an article which appeared in the February 2002 issue of "Readers Digest", which I have scanned and converted to images.

I first read this article on Friday 11th October 2002 in my doctor's waiting room; today I asked to borrow the magazine to post this article.

Hopefully you will find it enlightening, and perhaps it will answer a number of questions you may not even realise you were asking!

While I have not asked Readers Digest for permission, I recognise their ownership of copyright, and reproduce these pages under the "Fair Dealing" provision of Australian Copyright Law.

I have reproduced the front cover and eight pages out of an issue that comprised 164 pages (including inside and outside of both covers) - which represents 5.49% of that issue's content.

pages 72 and 73 (48K) pages 74 and 75 (86K) pages 76 and 77 (86K) pages 78 and 79 (92K)

click on the thumbnail of each page as you read the article. It will open in a new browser window. Allow time for each page to load.

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Created 18th October 2002