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John Hagee Alleges a Copyright Claim on His Prayer for War

Charles E. Carlson Mar 17, 2012

Who would believe that in early 2003, just before the second USA annihilation of Iraq, Reverend John Hagee held hands with Rev. Benny Hinn, praying for war, In the name of Jesus. That is the title of our much watched video on YouTube, produced by Tom Compton at We Hold These Truths. Now, if you go to YouTube to watch it, you’ll be disappointed. You will see this message:

 “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by John Hagee Ministries.”*

Here is part of the prayer: Hagee:“Father… I pray for our President…that you would give him the wisdom of Solomon to lead this nation into war against the enemies of righteousness…I pray God that the enemy shall be destroyed and that the angels of heaven go before the US and British forces bringing deliverance to that part of the world and, most assuredly, deliverance to Israel….in Jesus name, amen.”

John Hagee Ministries appears to have made a false statement to YouTube, that it has a copyright on the WHTT four minute film, which contains 54 seconds of Hagee’s prayer for war. It has now been seen by many. Hagee’s lawyers have challenged our right to show part of his prayer when, in fact, if anyone was to complain it would be Benny Hinn, who copyrighted the entire 28 min. 32 second, disgusting, fund raising show containing Hagee’s prayer.  Hagee in later sermons has often preached for war upon Iran to assist Israel, but he seems to have stopped praying for war “In Jesus Name.” 

It is easy to be diverted into an appealing fight when someone takes a swing at your nose. Hagee has paid his lawyers to prevent viewers from seeing our short video.  This might make a fun legal battle if some public spirited copyright lawyer wants to take up that case in our behalf, have at it!  But we have another purpose to stick to.

We want your help in keeping alive our struggle for the survival of more millions of human war targets. Our objective is to prevent the next war, wherever it is to be, maybe Iran, maybe elsewhere.

John Hagee is a fanatical Christian Zionist buffoon, who is rapidly being discredited. He is not the primary object of our work, even though we have devoted considerable time and money exposing him and his passionate connection to Israel. He is a warmaker with a “Christian” label.

We have held vigils at six or seven of Hagee’s events in order to reach his misguided followers. And we want them and other YouTube viewers to see Hagee praying his anti-Christian war prayer. WHTT will re-publishing Tom Compton’s four minute video on YouTube, this time including the written transcription of Hagee’s prayer for war, in place of the anti-Christ film showing him reciting it. It will show our vigil for peace at the mega-church owned by Pastor George Morrison, who hosted a “Night to Honor Israel” where Hagee was present.

Because Morrison is widely respected, he is much more dangerous to world peace than Hagee. He also runs a K-12 school that preaches Zionism to its students. We need to expose the thousands of pastors who, often without knowing they are doing it, represent the violent war lobby in our country.  Most of them are much too smart to recite a prayer for war out loud and in public bacause many of their listeners know Jesus is a Peacemaker.

We work to change your friends and your pastor, not a few fanatics who claim America was founded to stamp out Islam, and who fleece followers of their money to free non-existent slaves in Sudan, as does Pastor Rod Parsley, of Columbus, Ohio. These self-serving Celebrity Zionists will not destroy us with war because too many people have the sense to reject them.

But more clever (or more benignly ignorant) Christian Zionists will help destroy more millions in serial wars, because they know how to appear moderate and reasonable. Thousands of these smooth, sincere sounding pastors are spreading the virus. The latest two to experience our vigils were Lon Solomon at McLean Bible Church Vienna, VA. and Mauri Davis at Cornerstone Church in Nashville, TN. Both of these preach serial wars, “because we must support Israel.”

Some well-known traditional Christian evangelical authors have recently begun to refer to Christian Zionists as misguided and see the danger in their numbers, but not fast enough. In fact, there are probably 40-70 million Americans in various stages of self-deception; the number is staggering, and so are the votes they cast. It is they, not Hagee, who will drag us into one war after another, because they believe the story they are told. We must find a way to get past the pastors to their followers, who are being deceived. The leaders will change when they have few followers left.

WHTT held our first vigil in 2003, before the bombing of Iraq, and we were considered so unique in our protest we were covered by major news media as a “peace movement.” Your writer was dubbed “Peace Monger” by one publication, but this coverage disappeared when the media found out We Hold These Truths ties the State of Israel to Christian Zionism, and to our serial wars.The truth is costly.

Fortunately, we are no longer the only ones trying to change church leaders who stray from being peacemakers. Pastors, led by Stephen Sizer, Alex Awad, and others also did their their best at the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference in Bethlehem, Palestine, prodding traditional Christian leaders to action. That conference of some 600, was within range of Israel’s tank guns.  But it was forced to withdraw its offer to this author to show our video, “The Tragedy and the Turning,”* under pressure from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and its European surrogates. Israel fears the exposure of Christian Zionism and has shown they will spare no cost to protect it.

Our next paper will again give a new detailed account of how the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) and its surrogates worldwide pressured the Bethlehem Conference defame WHTT (as Hagee is doing) and how it protects Christian Zionism from exposure.

We beg you to form your own little Vigil team to cope with the warmaking churches in your city. Read our reports about past vigils done by as few as two!  You do not have to be nearly as brave as you think, and we will teach you everything you need to know. 

*praying for war, In the name of Jesus*

Vigil for Peace at McLean Mega Church while AIPAC Demands War

The Tragedy and the Turning 

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