blood moons

Pastor John Hagee sets new date for Apocalypse, based on ‘blood moons’ and Jewish holidays

Oct 9, 2013

Welp. Here we go again! Pastor John Hagee, who is primarily notable for really not like the gays or the Catholics, for thinking Obama is the actual Antichrist and being best buds with Alan Keyes, has set a new date for, Jesus’s return or the Rapture or the Apocalypse or whatever. Should you need time to prepare, this will be happening on September 28, 2015.

“Four Blood Moons,” released on Tuesday, tells the tale of how there will be four “blood moons” (which, although all search results for “blood moons” have to do with weird religious stuff, I gather refers to partial eclipse) and one will be on Passover in 2014, which definitely means Jesus is coming back. I guess.

Speaking of search results, the amount I got when I Googled this whole thing was astounding. This appears to be a thing some people are taking very seriously, which is weird given that I just heard about it today and researching the apocalypse is kind of my thing. Granted, John Hagee and I kind of travel in different circles.

I find it surprising that anyone is still going around predicting apocalypses. Given the vast amount of times throughout history that the end of days has been predicted and then not happened, you’d think people would want to keep such predictions to themselves. It’s also kind of interesting that they’re trying so hard to find a way to link it to science and astronomy as a way to give these predictions more authority.

Image: Yahweh is King