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 May 4, 2010
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Questions Arise: Is New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet Speaking at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque or Not?

Report from Apprising Ministries:

Apprising Ministries has been among those covering what appears now to be a still developing story concerning Emergent Church theologian Leonard Sweet, a close friend of Emergent Church guru Brian McLaren, and Calvary of Albuquerque (CoA) where Skip Heitzig is Senior Pastor. 

It begins when the respected online apologetics and discernment ministry Lighthouse Trails Research ran New Age Sympathizer Leonard Sweet To Speak at Pastor Skip Heitzig’s Calvary Chapel Church, which I then linked to here at AM as well. Then I was contacted by Nelson Walker, who is a pastor at CoA.

You may remember in Emerging Church Theologian Leonard Sweet Not To Speak At Pastor Skip Heitzig’s Calvary Chapel I shared that Walker told me this was not a CoA event; they happen to have “beautiful facilities,” which will be used for this National Worship Leader Conference, and that Leonard Sweet has been asked “not to speak though he will be in attendance.”

Now however, a trusted associate has told me that they personally spoke Thursday, April 29 with Suzie Stablein, who is:

the Director of Training & Development for Worship Leader magazine, The Worshiper and Song DISCovery. Suzie is responsible for the training arm of the organization with a goal to provide quality training and resources for worship leaders, songwriters, artists, pastors, and all of our customers world-wide.

With over 15 years invested in church training, as the former conference program manager at Purpose Driven Ministries, and having launched the Worship Leader Workshops through Maranatha Music,… (Online source)

Stablein told my associate that a decision whether or not have Sweet speak at CoA has not yet been made and she felt it was “premature” for pastor Walker to have said Sweet will definitely not be speaking at CoA. In addition, I’ve just spoken myself with Lighthouse Trails Research (LTR); I was informed that also on Thursday, April 29 they were contacted by David Bow, another pastor at CoA.

Bow told LTR, at that time, he was under the impression that Sweet was going to be speaking at CoA. So you may wish to stay tuned as we attempt to bring this rather fuzzy picture into focus. Click here for more information and source.



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Film Warning: “With God on Our Side” – Championed by Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren & Steve Haas (World Vision)

By Jan Markell
Olive Tree Ministries

Today, one of the greatest seductions is that there could be world peace if only the Palestinians had a homeland. So this month, a new film was launched titled “With God On Our Side.” It is aimed at changing the end-time views of evangelicals and the theology that says the Jews are God’s chosen people and have a divine right to the land of Israel.

Porter Speakman, the movie’s producer, explains that there is a biblical alternative for Christians who want to love and support the people of Israel. He says there is a theology that doesn’t favor one people group over another but instead promotes peace and reconciliation for both Jews and Palestinians. That would be terrific if Palestinian leadership wanted peace with Israel. They don’t. They want a one-state solution and the destruction of Israel. So whatever theology Speakman refers to is bogus.

The film’s trailer claims,

“Palestinian Christians lived here for centuries in this land. Suddenly they meet Christian groups of people who say the Palestinians are obstacles to the Second Coming of Christ. You need to move out to make room for the Jewish Diaspora to come here.”

“Anti-Israel activists see American evangelicals as key to U.S. support for Israel. That is why they are targeting evangelicals with messages of pro-Palestinian solidarity as supposedly central to Christian compassion.

“The film’s main message to evangelicals is that the old religious Right crassly imposed a pro-Israel U.S. foreign policy based on its end-time theology, creating untold suffering among largely innocent Palestinians. The film suggests that more thoughtful, more compassionate evangelicals, will reject that heritage and instead stand with the Palestinians as the victim group most needing Christian compassion.”

“The film perpetuates a simplistic stereotype alleging that American evangelicals self-servingly only support Israel because a Jewish presence there is central to their blood-thirsty, apocalyptic dreams about the Second Coming of Jesus.” I hope other evangelicals are as outraged as I am at being called “blood-thirsty!”

Mark Tooley of the Institute for Religion and Democracy states, Tooley continues, To sum it up, Israel and the U.S. are nasty imperialists, and Christian Zionist evangelicals only back the Jews because of perceived abused theology: God will bring the Jews back to the land. It rightfully belongs to them. The last days’ scenario centers around the Jewish people and nation. Say folks, I say we can’t change Scripture although many are trying to do so today!

What is true is that Palestinian leaders and the entire Arab world abuse them, not U.S. imperialism and anybody’s end-time theology. Evangelicals are strong supporters of Islamic evangelism around the world. Many evangelical agencies have been raised up, particularly since 9/11, to reach out to lost Muslims, including Palestinians. One such organization is Joel Rosenberg’s Joshua Fund.

The film “With God On Our Side” wants increased U.S. pressure on Israel to accommodate Palestinian demands, facilitated by reduced U.S. evangelical support for Israel. It just won’t happen. We are smart enough to know that what they really want is Israel dismantled altogether in favor of a one-state solution: Palestine.

Just what exactly is “Christian Zionism?” It is a movement supporting the return of the Jewish people to their rightful homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel. Christians who fit into this category are almost exclusively evangelicals who believe God has a continuing special relationship with the Jews. He has a covenant with them that can never be broken. This is apart from the church. This is based on literal and futurist interpretation of the Bible and the conviction that Old Testament prophecies concerning the Jewish people are being fulfilled today in the State of Israel.

According to the film, “With God on Our Side,” Christian Zionism and our strange theology have muddied the waters more than any other entity! So, along comes a man who cannot stand the stench of Israel, Stephen Sizer. He is a Church of England priest who has written several anti-Israel books and anti-Christian Zionist books including Christian Zionism: Roadmap to Armageddon and Zion’s Christian Soldiers. Here are some more blood-thirsty images!

Sizer insists that the theology of Christian Zionists rejects some ethnic groups such as the Palestinians. He suggests we are using the lens of Bible prophecy and not the lens of justice. Most evangelicals will always choose the lens of the Bible so let Sizer bang his head against the wall in utter frustration. He has a great platform to do so on the program by the so-called “Bible Answerman”, Hank Hanegraaff. Who are some championing this film? Those who usually side with religious Left causes including Tony Campolo, Jim Wallis, Brian McLaren, Steve Haas from World Vision, Gary Burge from Wheaton College, and more.

This film comes at a time when Barack Obama is going to try to impose a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. Obama is behaving as though he were President of the World, dictating borders and treaties even if one side does not want to participate. He is about to clash with the Lord God of Israel and America may never be the same. What other sovereign nation would put up with this scenario? None.

Gen. David Petraeus has blamed the war on terror on Israel, saying that the perception in the Arab world is that America cannot “stand up to Israel.” As a consequence of that perception, Petraeus said, America was losing support among the moderate Arab states. There are no moderate Arab states. But this is just one more American voice condemning our number-one ally and “the apple of God’s eye” (Zechariah 2:8). There is now talk that Barack Obama is going to shut down Israel’s nuclear program. What other nation would be on the receiving end of such abuse?

Some have concluded that Israel, while important, isn’t that important to the United States. The administration has “dug in” on its position and maintains that any Jewish construction in Jerusalem is an “Israeli provocation” and that the price for “peace” is a Palestinian state ethnically cleansed of any Jewish presence.

So those behind this pathetic effort to demonize a group of Christian Zionists and, for that matter, demonize all of Israel, need to do a reality check. There are consequences. Covenants are involved: Genesis 17:6-7; Genesis 12:1-7; Psalm 105:8-15. God is on the side of those with whom He has covenants: Israel and believing Christians who call him Savior. He will never break a covenant. That you can count on. You and I are betting eternity on His trustworthiness. Watching Him perform His promises to Israel should give us great comfort! (SOURCE)

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New York Times: America’s Policy Towards Israel Officially Shifts

Posted on The Berean Call

The New York Times Makes It Official: Obama Has Shifted U.S. Policy Against Israel [Excerpts]

The New York Times officially proclaimed the administration’s changed attitude in a front-page story [April 14, 2010] that ought to send chills down the spine of anyone who believed Barack Obama when he pledged in 2008 that he would be a loyal friend of Israel.

In the view of the paper’s Washington correspondents, the moment that signaled what had already been apparent to anyone who was paying attention was the president’s declaration at a Tuesday news conference that resolving the Middle East conflict was “a vital national security interest of the United States.” Mr. Obama went on to state that the conflict is “costing us significantly in terms of blood and treasure,” thus attempting to draw a link between Israel’s attempts to defend itself with the safety of American troops who are fighting Islamist terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world. By claiming the Arab-Israeli conflict to be a “vital national security interest” that must be resolved, the “frustrated” Obama is making it clear that he will push hard to impose a solution on the parties.

The significance of this false argument is that it not only seeks to wrongly put the onus on Israel for the lack of a peace agreement but that it also now attempts to paint any Israeli refusal to accede to Obama’s demands as a betrayal in which a selfish Israel is stabbing America in the back. The response from Obama to this will be, the Times predicts, “tougher policies toward Israel,” since it is, in this view, ignoring America’s interests and even costing American lives. To continue reading, click here.

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The Anti-Israel Revelation

Why the Heathen Rage in a World Gone Amiss

WW II Christian Resistance Member, Diet Eman, Turns 90

This week, Diet Eman turns 90. Seventy years ago, Diet was a young Christian woman living in Holland when Hitler invaded her country. She watched in horror as her fellow Jewish countrymen were increasingly persecuted by the occupying Nazis. Like many others in Holland, such as Corrie ten Boom, Diet knew she could not passively stand by and do nothing to help save the lives of the targeted Jews in Hitler’s final solution to annihilate millions. Diet joined with other Christians who were going underground – By the end of the war, Diet’s particular group, Group Hein, (consisting of a number of Diet’s young peers including her fiance) was responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of Jews. Sadly, many of her co-resistance workers did not survive the war. Diet did, and years later she wrote her story. Lighthouse Trails was privileged a couple years ago to publish our own edition of Things We Couldn’t Say, Diet’s amazing experience during the Holocaust. Today, we learned that Diet is turning 90 years old this week. Below is an excerpt from her book:

July 1941
Last night we walked past the synagogue. Horrible: on the doors was written with large letters “Jude Suss.” On the pillars a swastika and a large V and horribly drawn Jewish faces. In the street on the boarded-up shop windows, “Jew,” “Pest Jude.” How long still, O Lord?

September 16, 1941
Yesterday the paper had a “short” summary of the places where Jews are not allowed! I can better mention where they are still allowed “in their homes and in the streets!”…

There came a day when my Jewish friend Herman, who worked with me in the bank in The Hague, began to understand that for him, as a Jew, life could not go on in the same way anymore. He thus became the first Jewish person that we helped during the Occupation.

First the Jews weren’t allowed on the trams anymore, or on the buses, in parks, or in shops. Rules like that were printed in the newspapers, and they were displayed on the trams and in shop windows. It was an enforced limitation of freedom for Jews in all kinds of ways. Next, Jews weren’t allowed to visit most places in the city anymore; they had to stick to their own Jewish areas and shops. And though Herman and his family did not live in the Jewish area of the city, they, like all Jews, were no longer allowed to visit non-Jewish people.

[from Diet's diary] May 6, 1942 Seventy-two Dutch men have been executed. From last Saturday till Tuesday, six-thousand people have been arrested. Ex-military, pastors, all people of the first and second chamber [the Dutch parliament], etc., etc.

The worst is, I remain so stone cold. Does this war make you an “alive-dead person”? Is it not possible to remain yourself in this chaos? How long still?…

The next law the Germans made was that non-Jews could have nothing at all to do with Jews. Even after that, my mother and father wouldn’t have minded Herman’s coming over, but at that point he did not want to endanger them. Actually, the Germans might have punished my family a little bit for breaking the rules; but Herman would have gotten into major trouble. My parents loved him, but suddenly he couldn’t come anymore.

Much of what had preceded the Jewish persecution had seemed an annoyance to most of us–no display of the royal colors, prohibitions against listening to the BBC–and for the most part we simply put up with it for a while. No one liked the restrictive laws, but in many people’s eyes these relatively trifling laws were something we could tolerate. But when signs and notices suddenly appeared saying that the Jews had to leave their homes and could not live near us because, as the signs said, they were “infectious” (the Germans called them lice and rats and all kinds of names), when they were told they had to leave their homes in the Netherlands completely, then we stopped putting up with the injustices.

The Germans explained to us that the Jews were to be transported to East Germany from all the other European countries. There they would live only with each other, and that way they could harm only each other. When it started to go into effect, we knew we could simply not tolerate this horrible plan. We knew we had to do something.

According to Hitler, we were the great ones–the people with blond hair and blue eyes, the Aryan race. The “Jewish scum,” as the Germans put it, had to be quarantined, rounded up, and separated from the decent, blue-eyed people of what he thought was the super race…. And they were beginning to implement this kind of policy.

At first, the Jews would get notices at their homes that they had to report to such and such an address on a particular night, say, after curfew. They were to report to schools, for instance, where the Germans gathered all of them and took them away in trucks. Or the Jews were told they had to go to the railroad stations, and they would show up, very scared. The Germans always did it after the curfew hours so the rest of us wouldn’t see what was going on….

[A]t one point, my friend Herman’s family got their notice to report. Like everyone else, Herman was instructed to take only one suitcase, small enough to carry…. The Jews had to leave behind almost everything of sentimental value to them personally, not to mention goods of dollars-and-cents value. And they had no choice but to report; they couldn’t just throw away the summons.

July 21, 1942
A lot has happened again: the Jews are walking with their yellow stars on, are not allowed outside after 8 p.m., are not allowed to visit non-Jews, some streets are forbidden to them, etc., etc.

From Amsterdam many were sent to–??? Many are committing suicide!
O God, don’t You see that they are touching the apple of Your eye? Is it still not enough?
O let us, in the midst of all these things which drive us crazy, still remember that You are the ruler of everything and that the punishment You will give them for these things will be more just than all things we think of to punish them….

Please teach us Christians now to be true Christians and to put into practice what we confess, especially to these Jews. O Lord, make an end to all this, only You can do it. We know that You give strength according to our cross, but it is getting to be so very heavy, Lord.

Herman wasn’t working at the bank anymore at that time because he was not allowed to take the tram, the bus, or anything, and he was not allowed to enter that area of the city. So he asked me to come to meet him when he got his summons, because Jews were not allowed to visit non-Jews.

“If you were me, would you go?” Herman asked.

“I don’t think so,” I told him…

Herman’s parents were middle class; his father was a decent man with a good government job. His parents really believed that this whole thing would only last a year. They figured the Germans would place them somewhere in Eastern Europe for a little while, a place where they might have to live a little more simply than they were accustomed to living at home. And then, when it was over, they could come back. That’s what many people thought–Jews and non-Jews. Nobody thought they would be exterminated in gas chambers. Therefore, many of them went as meekly as sheep to their deaths.

German Jews who had lived from 1933 to 1937 or 1938 in Germany had seen how the Nazi system developed, had experienced Kristallnacht, and had fled to the Netherlands in the late 1930s. Many of those people had committed suicide during the German invasion of the Netherlands. The night Hitler invaded Holland–and in the five days of war after the invasion–there was no place left for them to run: Belgium was overrun, and Spain was pro-Nazi. There was no place for them to go but the North Sea….

Herman was only a year older than I, and we thought of the possibility that what was really happening was far worse than anyone had imagined. We thought about those suicides, and we considered Hitler capable of anything.

[T]hat evening when I saw Hein, I asked him, “What do you think, should Herman go?”
“You remember what the German Jews did,” he said “They committed suicide.” So I said to Hein [Diet's fiance'], “You say he shouldn’t report, but what can he do? If he shouldn’t go there, what else is there?”

And that moment was the real beginning of our Resistance work. Hein immediately said he knew plenty of Christian farmers around Holk–in the area of the Netherlands called The Veluwe.
“Any of those farmers I know around Nijkerk,” he said, “any of them we ask will take Herman. He can work there on the farm.”

The whole business grew so fast that within two or three weeks we had over sixty people who wanted places out in the country, in The Veluwe. Sixty Jews in two weeks, and that was just the beginning. Hein … placed many Jews on the farms around that little town. But the list of Jewish people who wanted to hide kept growing….

At first we thought that was all we had to do: simply help the Jews who wanted to be helped when they began to understand what might happen to them. But we immediately learned that if we were to move these Jewish people out to the country, we would have to get them false identification cards. It was simply too risky to put them on trains when they were carrying IDs which were all marked with that big “J” and which the Germans required, to indicate the holder was Jewish….

By 1943 the group we worked with needed over eight hundred cards every month. The men from the knokploeg did that work, and of course it was very dangerous. But they did it for good reason, not simply because it was high adventure. I went to a few of their planning meetings, and those men always got down on their knees first to ask God to protect and help them….

December 3, 1942
… Jewish people are put out of their homes and into the street–without any shelter. All of Scheveningen has to evacuate.All the beautiful buildings are being razed! The coal [used for heating] has to be left behind, and when they raze the buildings this ends up under the rubble, while thousands are sitting without heat. All the government departments have to leave.

I think that Hitler is fulfilling his prophesy that if he goes under, he will drag all of Europe along with him….

(From chapter six of Things We Couldn’t Say by Diet Eman)

Attack of the Evange-hellicals: Chapter 1

LTRP Note: The following fictionalized account is written by former homosexual, now on-fire believer in Jesus Christ and free-lance writer for the faith, John Lanagan. If you would like to read his testimony, click here. Lighthouse Trails believes that the homosexual lifestyle is part of the New Age movement (i.e., the “death” religion) along with evolution, abortion, and mysticism. The fact that emerging church leaders de-emphasize the serious and dangerous nature of homosexuality further illustrates the true essence of the emerging church.

by John Lanagan
My Word Like Fire Ministries

Attack of the Evange-hellicals
Chapter One: How to silence the black Bishop

Bishop Lionel Daniel sat behind his desk and glumly surveyed the various contracts, agreements, commendations, and position papers that needed his signature. He hadn’t finished Sunday’s sermon–and it was already Thursday afternoon.

He was behind schedule with his book, The Homosexual’s Bible, but knew he could catch up by burning a little midnight oil. His publisher was excited about the first draft, and the book–although unfinished–had already received a good deal of national attention.

As senior pastor of Preach Christ Church, by far the largest African-American congregation in the Washington D.C. area, Daniel had preached against legalizing same-sex marriage. He had taken the battle to national talk shows, written a number of articles about the issue, and engaged in spirited public debate with gay marriage proponents.

His exchange on the Zack O’Rourke program with gay advocate Mike Minor was O’Rourke’s highest rated show ever.

When it came to defending the Bible, Bishop Daniel never backed down. He was persuasive, eloquent, and unfailingly polite. White liberals had a hard time dealing with him, as they always did when someone with darker skin didn’t tow the party line. Several pontificating, white conservatives discovered the Bishop could not be manipulated or pressured.

Despite strong opposition, it was no surprise when same-sex marriage became legalized in Washington D.C. The ruling came through the courts–the citizens had not even been allowed to vote on the issue.

As Bishop Daniel had predicted, the same-sex marriage victory was just the beginning. Pro-gay advocates continued to work tirelessly in the arenas of education, housing, and media. So Bishop Lionel Daniel continued to be in demand as a speaker and writer. He hadn’t had a day off in close to three months. Click here to continue reading. (Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4)

Balaam, On Being Paid to Curse Israel

by Bill Randles
Believers in Grace Fellowship

I will bless those that bless you and curse those who curse you and in you all the families of the world will be blessed.  Genesis 12:3

Come now therefore, I pray thee, curse me this people; for they are too mighty for me, peradventure I shall prevail, that we may smite them, and that I may drive them out of the land; for I know that he whom thou (Balaam) bless is blest and he whom you curse is cursed. Numbers 22:6

Perhaps the most misunderstood story in the Bible is that of Balaam, the pagan prophet. When it is told, it is usually related as a morality story, merely a caution against greed in ministry.  The love of money indeed is part of the story – as well as the danger of false prophets and corrupt ministers. But lately I have come to realize that there is an eschatological dimension to this story that too often is unappreciated. It is amazing how current and relevant the story of Balaam really is to today’s geo-political situation.

The story takes place at the end of the Exodus; at the time the children of Israel were preparing to possess the land God had given them. Once again the immediate neighbors of Israel take exception to their rights to the land. The ancestors of the modern Arabs, Jordanians and ‘Palestinians’ feared the Israeli occupation of the land, having full knowledge of what God had done to Egypt and through them to Og, one of their chief Kings.

And Balak the son of Zippor saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites. And Moab was sore afraid of the people, because they were many: and Moab was distressed because of the children of Israel.  Numbers 22:2-3

Balak, the king of the Moabites, as it turned out, had nothing to fear from the Israelites, not knowing that God had commanded them not to dispossess the Moabites.

And the LORD said to me, Distress not the Moabites, neither contend with them in battle: for I will not give you of their land for a possession; because I have given Ar to the children of Lot for a possession. Deuteronomy 2:9

This scenario is a current event, for there is nothing the modern state of Israel would welcome more than to live in peace with her hostile neighbors.

Balak, fearing Israel, and knowing he couldn’t prevail militarily with them, set out to hire someone who could “curse” Israel. The word “curse” in this sense is a Hebrew word which means to “hollow” them out, to “drain” them of their confidence.

Is this not the modern situation also? Arab neighbors of Israel, frustrated by their inability to dispossess Israel out of the land, have been using their newly gained petro-wealth, and the power that goes with it, to literally hire people to curse Israel! They have been able to successfully deny the very legitimacy of Israel in the minds of many.  Oil money has successfully lobbied political leaders, educators, the media and a good many of those who are in position to shape the ideas and perspectives of the rest of us, to take a belligerent stance against Israel.

Billions of petro dollars have poured into the coffers of institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown University, and Fox News, as well as into the campaign chests of numerous western politicians, all in the interest of selling us the story line which delegitimizes Israel, and romanticizes Islam’s version of history. There are many Balaam’s!

Perhaps the last straw is the seduction of leaders of the confessing Christian church into “cursing Israel”.  No less than the Pope himself leads the charge in delegitimizing Israel’s claims to the Holy Land, as here recounted in a Jerusalem Newswire story dated May 17, 2009 entitled,

“Pope to ‘Palestinians’, Israel is Your Forefather’s Land”

“The Biblical land of Israel is actually the “land of YOUR forefathers” Pope Benedict told the Palestinian Arabs in Bethlehem last week. With this statement the pontiff, who has now departed Israel after five days of meddling in the country’s affairs on a “pilgrimage” he called “a mission of peace,” authenticity on the massive deception that is “Palestinian nationhood”.

At the start, in the middle, and at the end of his visit – which was hosted by the State of Israel at no small expense to the taxpayers and mass disruption of Jerusalemites’ lives – the head of the Roman Catholic Church voiced his strong support for the creation of a Palestinian state on Jewish lands.

His first and last statements to this effect were made unabashedly in front of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – who has been trying to sidestep international demands that he surrender Israel’s biblical heartland to the Arabs.

Speaking at PLO Chief and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ palace in Bethlehem, where he went to conduct a large mass, the pontiff spelled it out:

“The Holy See supports the right of your people to a sovereign Palestinian homeland in the land of your forefathers, secure and at peace with its neighbors, within internationally recognized borders,”

The World Council of Churches, the United States Presbyterian Church, and a host of other church groups too numerous to mention have condemned Israel, divested themselves from Israel, in short have “cursed” Israel, in the sense of hollowing out their confidence, sense of legitimacy and validity as a nation. Balaam lives!

The reward has not always been money, however, as was the case with Balaam. These church groups siding with terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, against the only legitimate democracy in the Middle East, imagine that they are “speaking truth to power”, as they “curse Israel”. The image of themselves as guardians of the human rights of the Palestinians is reward enough for these false Christian groups.

Perhaps the most tragic of all is the erosion of the rock solid support which evangelicals have had for Israel.  In the American Thinker article “Splitting the Evangelicals from Israel”, Ed Lasky cites Replacement Theology, the testimony of certain Palestinian Christian leaders, and former US President Jimmy Carter as part of the influence turning many once pro-Israel Christians against Israel. This is a portent that doesn’t bode well, even as the story of Balaam doesn’t end well for anybody but God’s chosen people. Part 2, Part 3

Warren B. Smith and Ray Yungen 2010 Speaking Schedule

Below is a partial speaking schedule for Lighthouse Trails authors Warren B. Smith and Ray Yungen for 2010. If you live near any of these areas, we hope you will get the chance to attend. All these events are offered free of charge. If you are interested in having Warren or Ray (or both) speak to your group, call us at 503/873-9092, or email at

April 23 (7pm-10pm), April 24 (9am-10pm)
Last Days Bible Conference

Warren B. Smith, James McCarthy, Rob Lindsted
Held at: Monterey Park Evangelical Free Church
3125 Catalina Blvd NE
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 948-5401
No cost. Free will offering

April 30-May 1
Discerning the Times Conference
Warren B. Smith, Rob Lindsted, John Plantz, Dave Dunn, Steve Herzig
Ramada Inn
806 Idylwyld Drive North, DIEFENBAKER ROOM
Saskatoon, Sask.
1-306-371-6877 (conference contact)
No cost. Free will offering.

May 29th (9:30-4:00)
Gold Country Calvary Chapel
Warren B. Smith, Ray Yungen, Johanna Michaelsen
13026 LaBarr Meadows Rd
Grass Valley, CA 95949
No cost. Free will offering.

July 25th (8:30 and 10:30)
Candlelight Fellowship

Warren B. Smith

5725 N. Pioneer Drive
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho
No cost.

August 12-14
Pastors and Leaders Conference
Warren B. Smith, Xavier Reis
500 South Lee Ave
Olathe, KS 66061
Phone: (913) 829-9306

September 10-11
Calvary Chapel Appleton, Wisconsin

September 18th
Calvary Chapel Pasadena, CA (Pastor Xavier Reis)


Discerning the Times Conference
Saskatoon, Sask


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Breath Prayer—Not Biblical Prayer

A Time of Departing speaks on breath prayers:

“When [Richard] Foster speaks of the silence, he does not mean external silence. In his book, Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home, Foster recommends the practice of breath prayer—picking a single word or short phrase and repeating it in conjunction with the breath. This is classic contemplative mysticism.

“In the original 1978 edition of Celebration of Discipline, he makes his objective clear when he states, ‘Christian meditation is an attempt to empty the mind in order to fill it.’ In Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home, he ties in a quote by one mystic who advised, ‘You must bind the mind with one thought.’ The advice recounts Anthony de Mello’s remarks in his contemplative prayer classic, Sadhana: A Way to God. His approach was virtually identical to Foster’s:

To silence the mind is an extremely difficult task. How hard it is to keep the mind from thinking, thinking, thinking, forever thinking, forever producing thoughts in a never ending stream. Our Hindu masters in India have a saying: one thorn is removed by another. By this they mean that you will be wise to use one thought to rid yourself of all the other thoughts that crowd into your mind. One thought, one image, one phrase or sentence or word that your mind can be made to fasten on.

“I once related Foster’s breath prayer method to a former New Age devotee who is now a Christian. She affirmed this connection when she remarked with astonishment, ‘That’s what I did when I was into ashtanga yoga!’” (A Time of Departing, p. 75

Breath Prayers and Rick Warren
by Larry DeBruyn

Are “breath prayers” a method by which we can become best friends with God?

Are “breath prayers” a method by which we can become best friends with God?To direct people on a spiritual journey for 40 days, Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life. The best selling book has impacted millions of persons. Some of Warren’s purpose involves his recommendations for “Becoming Best Friends with God.” The author shares six secrets to become God’s friends, one of which is practicing God’s presence by being in “constant conversation” with him. After quoting 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (“pray without ceasing”), Warren asks how a Christian can practice unceasing prayer to which he answers, “One way is to use ‘breath prayers’ throughout the day, as many Christians have done for centuries. You choose a brief sentence or a simple phrase that can be repeated in one breath.” Then after providing ten examples of prayers, short biblical phrases that could work as breath prayers, Warren advises “Pray it as often as possible so it is rooted deep in your heart.” In this context Warren also cites the book of Brother Lawrence (c.1605-1691), The Practice of the Presence of God, who advocated experiencing the presence of God in the most menial of circumstances, by praying short conversational prayers throughout the day. The Roman Catholic practice of praying the rosary is also akin to breath prayers.

Though breath praying is not found in the Bible, advocates of the practice recommend repeating a short phrase, the phrase can be biblical, in prayer throughout the day. For example, in the parable of The Pharisee and the Publican (Luke 18:9-14), Jesus portrayed a tax collector who in repentance and humility, cried out, “God, be merciful to me, the sinner!’” Out of this The Desert Fathers, a monastic group in Egypt during 3rd and 4th centuries, created the “Kyrie Eleison” (“Lord have mercy.”) prayer which later became known as the “Jesus Prayer.” The prayer became a favorite of these fathers who later expanded it to be, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” Click here to read this entire article.

Who is promoting Breath Prayers?

Rick Warren
“With practice, you can develop the habit of praying silent ‘breath prayers’”—Rick Warren
Also see pages 89 and 299 of PDL

Saddleback Church ”Breath prayers are a great way to keep in contact with our Heavenly Father throughout our day. Just repeat short heart-felt prayers, such as “You are my God,” “I love you Lord,” and “Thank You, Jesus.” Consult Chapter 10 of The Purpose-Driven Life for more information.”

Rick Warren’s Teens at Saddleback
“I started slowly to turn my worries into ‘breath prayers.’”

 Cook Communications
“helps you practice the presence of God”

“Be sure to breathe prayers to God about your conversations …” —Nancy Ortberg (John Ortberg’s wife)

“I began practicing meditation, specifically breath prayer, once again. I integrated the use of Tai Chi and yoga.”—John M. Talbot, Catholic monk and musician

Rob Bell on Breath Prayer, Noomas, Yoga and more… The following Audio clip is a sermon by Rob Bell. In this audio, Bell leads the audience through a meditation exercise and talks about various aspects of contemplative spirituality. Please use caution when listening to this audio file (not suitable for children). Click here for audio file - scroll down to audio file.


May Day Prayers: What Repentance?

by Herescope (Discernment Research Group)

"I AM brooding over many areas in the earth - government, economic and spiritual structures - and changing the structures of how these systems have operated in past seasons.... There are sounds that are flowing through your blood. There are sounds that I am rearranging in the bloodlines of nations. Get in step with My harmony and the earth. I AM shaking nations into MY next order." --Chuck Pierce[1]

"It is the dominion activity of the church, especially relative to Israel, that creates the kairos moment of His return. Taking dominion of the earth should be the object of the church’s obsession." -- Mark Pfeifer[2]

One of the most amazing aspects of the May Day event, planned in Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Memorial on May 1, 2010, is its Official Program stating the "Prayers of Repentance for the Seven Mountains of Culture."[3] Many good-intentioned believers are being led into this event because they support its conservative political ideologies and moral overtones. They support Israel and they are against abortion. But do these folks also support the Seven Mountains of Culture Mandate? And are they fully in agreement with the esoteric theology of these spiritual warfare prayers and the Dominionist goals of the NAR leaders of the May Day event?

This May Day prayer event is linked in many ways with the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) that was launched five years ago in 2005. Ostensibly a group prayer event, the GDOP was in fact a not-so-subtle way to introduce the wacky, esoteric and heretical doctrines of the New Apostolic Reformation[4] to the rest of the world, compliments of a global satellite hookup. Discernment Ministries wrote extensively about the GDOP in two key reports posted here and here.[5] Rick Warren launched his "2nd Reformation" in connection with this GDOP prayer event, and we commented at the time that

The Global Day of Prayer appears to be a chief mechanism for launching a “Second Reformation” in Christianity. The GDOP provides a convenient vehicle to transition the church from the old order to a new global order. Rick Warren is quoted as saying at the Global Day of Prayer event, “The first Reformation was about belief; this one’s going to be about behavior.”[6]

The scripted prayers for the Global Day of Prayer are similar to the suggested prayers of the May Day event. Both call for a transformation in the "spheres" (otherwise known as "mountains") of culture, and both call for a Christian cultural mandate.[7] In 2005 we analyzed these types of prayers and summarized the goals:

The dominionists teach that restoration occurs as believers serve as stewards of this world, taking back what belongs to God. Believers are to bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth and enforce the dominion and authority of heaven upon everything evil. The spheres are a way to channel this mandate.[7]

This May Day event is connected to the GDOP because the prayer leaders of the May Day event are interconnected with the same leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation that brought us the GDOP. The Official Program indicates that the May Day schedule at 9 A.M. launches prayers of "Repentance for the Mountain of Religion" and for the "The Church," given by Dutch Sheets, Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs, among others. These false "apostles" are connected with C. Peter Wagner and his International Coalition of Apostles, who believe they have a Dominion mandate on earth.    Click here to read this entire article.

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