"Just Ordinary People"

Is that what Christians are?
We have been taught that since we were knee-high to a grasshopper

Over the last several years, I have been challenged to think outside of the square, and a sermon I have heard recently get me thinking again about the wisdom - or rather lack of wisdom - on accepting previous teachings without questioning their validity, and to then compare them with what scripture actually says on the topic.

There was a song from years ago which we may have heard. "God uses ordinary people". Many Christian singers have recorded it. It is designed to express the view that God uses us - who are as "dirty rags" in comparison with Him. I have no problem with that thought. It is perfectly true. Click this link to hear Robert Colman's version of this song from a 30-year-old cassette I digitised to save for posterity

Just ordinary people,
God uses uses ordinary people,
He chooses people, just like you and me,
who are willing to do all he commands -
because little becomes much
in the Master's hands

What that view misses is a bunch of other truths about what we become as soon as we genuinely accept Him, accept Jesus' sacrifice, his atoning for our own personal past and present and future sins.

It misses the fact that by salvation we are transformed. A work-in-progress. While still a sinner, we have become a saved sinner, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

That is by no means ordinary, surely?

For it is BY GRACE we are saved. Not by anything we do ourselves - including ongoing repentance.

That is a completely different topic as we tread the path the apostle encouraged when he said "Let us, therefore, (mentioning details) go on unto, towards, maturity - perfection".


So, Extra-ordinary? Or Extraordinary maybe?

Some of the people had been discussing and reading John Bevere's book called "Extraordinary: The life you're Meant to Live".

John Bevere is also the author of a best-seller called "The Bait of Satan". While I do not promote books and authors, I mention this one because it was in the context of studying the book that the sermon I mentioned earlier was preached.

What I will do is to paste a list of a number of ways in which the preacher could well have used in that sermon, and/or may use in the follow-on three he is scheduled to preache on the topic of "Extra-Ordinary".


Who am I in Christ?


Incomplete, to be finished.


last updated 18th November 2010