Christians around the world ...

Christians in North Korea are arrested and tortured for reading a Bible, while Christians in the USA are embarassed to be seen carrying a Bible.

Christians in India endure repeated beatings as they evangelize and preach on the streets, while Christians in the USA won't walk across the street to share the Gospel with their neighbor.

Christians in Africa happily walk for miles to fellowship with other Christians in the church, while Christians in the USA drive 50 miles in an air-conditioned car to attend a sporting event, but complain about having to drive across town to go to church.

Christians in Indonesia see their churches and houses burned and their children beaten, kidnapped, and killed, while Christians in the USA sit in front of the television six hours a day.

Christians in China risk arrest, mockery, and beatings to go to church, while Christians in the USA proudly swagger, "I can find God just as well at home as I can at church."

Christians around the world are enduring hardships and persecutions beyond our imagination, while we stuff our closets with fine clothes, stuff our bellies with rich foods, and stuff our brains with movies, television, and novels.

Of all the nations on earth, we have the most wealth, leisure time, and freedom, yet we do so little for Jesus. Yes, there was a day when The USA was a great missions and evangelism powerhouse, but that was a former generation. Today, most Christians in America are lazy, materialistic, and largely unconcerned.

Today, Christians in third-world nations are out-performing us. They are out-evangelizing us. They are out-serving us. They are out-growing us.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to impact this world for good. We have the resources and the freedom. We have the education. Yet, our own country has become a pagan land in need of great missionary effort.

The one question each of us must as is, "Am I a part of the problem?" Am I just as materialistic as my neighbor? Do I have the same lifestyle, dreams, goals, and values as the unsaved country around me? Have I done anything for Jesus today?


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