saved by the webmaster of from url=(0034) and posted here
so that those of us Christians who would like to try to minister to homosexuals who have been so misguided by their leaders may do so with understanding of what is actually preached (falsely in the name of our sovereign God) in order to justify their lifestyle before sympathetic men and women who do not understand God's grace and provision.


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Below this line are links to local pages saved from the MCC website and made available here, for your information...

Please note that the webmaster of DOES NOT AGREE with their material, which is placed here so that you may better understand from where they are receiving their instruction, and perhaps how to pray for the scales to be lifted from the eyes of their understanding. His comments are in yellow, whereas their headings are in cyan.

spirsexuality.htm spirituality and sexuality homosexuality and the bible ( - as defined by the Metropolitan Church)

There is a number of topics on subsequent pages, as detailed, linked on the pages in this site... the webmaster of wonders if their agenda is so great that when presented with the flawed bible translation which they currently use, they cannot see much biblical truth.

As with all sinners - including this webmaster who is a Christian who accept Christ's gospel in its entirety - many of us believe that they need our prayers, so that they will recognise from what they need to repent, and then to share the need for that repentence with those who are currently championing their cause.

bible.htm The bible - Favourite book or favourite weapon? ( - It can only be a weapon against the unrepentant sinner. Are all other Christians presumably repentant?)
handbible.htm good news or bad news? Understanding the Bible in a new way ( - is this new way one which uses the generally accepted methods of interpretation? Or does one have to have the insight of rewritten scripture on a par with the "New World Translation" of the Jehovah Witnesses?)

sodom.htm Hebrew scriptures are selectively used ( - they say... Now I have an interlinear Hebrew/English Torah with commentary by the Chief Rabbi... I think I might post his thoughts on the scriptures they quote).

lawoflove.htm New Testament ( - they claim that the unchangeable God sets no rules for the preferred behaviour of His people in the New Testament)

goodnews.htm Jesus died for our sins, not our sexuality

1rstry2.htm reading the bible with new eyes ( - apparently old eyes have little value)

htmopeningdoors.htm Opening doors of ancient closets an unhindered inclusive gospel ( - where have we heard that "inclusive" word before?)

barren.htm God bless the barren ones ( - 'barren' apparently doesn't any longer mean a woman past the age of fertility)

marriage.htm marriage is not for everyone; Jesus chose a new family Jesus lived an alternate lifestyle ( - while they stop short of actually stating that Jesus was a homosexual, the implication seems there. They also appear to overlook the thought that celibacy of those who are unable to participate in marriage between man and woman is quite okay - according to the Bible - and according to mankind.)

samesex.htm same-sex relationships in the bible - claimed by them to be homosexual... ummm what about Australian males and their "mateship"... something very akin to David and Jonathan?
... Ruth and Naomi
... David and Jonathan
... What difference does it make? ( - quite a lot, I would have thought)


notsin.htm homosexualtity is not a sin - and not a sickness ( - I suppose if you redefine what the Bible says - so it isn't against God's will any more to participate in such relationships - it can't be. Maybe one should seek a definition of what sin is)

newinformation.htm new information refutes old ideas ( - all other biblical discoveries - apart from their claims - actually confirm the existing scriptures and theology)

sinofsodom.htm what was the sin of sodom?... ummm, they say that it wasn't sodomy!

abomination.htm what is an abomination? Again, we should seek a proper definition. Working on this, and also that of sin... watch this space)

otherverses.htm Timothy and Corinthians (- although no sources are quoted, one has therefore to assume it is the same scholars who look at things their way. Funny how the title "Rev." appears against the names they do quote, and this has little more value to the average Evangelical as the denomination who issues the secular title)

insight.htm insights from other Bible scholars ... one needs to ask... recognised by whom? There are many aspiring experts in many fields, whose opinion isn't valued highly

HIV/AIDS - is it God's judgement? Is it? I never said it was! However they accuse ALL we 'evangelicals' of doing so, as do many other liberal Christians too

causesuffering.htm does God cause suffering? - how about the fallen creation we live in?

responsibility.htm what is the responsibility of people with faith? ... Perhaps to defend the faith, I would have thought, without adding to it, nor subtracting from it

further.htm further reading and more information

cohreleasejuly1503.htm ( - re calling a meeting to discuss several congregations petitioning for DISAFFILIATION)
concerningdisaffiliation.htm( - more on disaffiliation)
openlettertocohmembers.htm ( - yet another on disaffiliation, this time from their Founder/Moderator... perhaps they aren't as close and happy a family as they would have you believe?)

The spread of this cancerous interpretation is world-wide
MCC in Australia and New Zealand
( - on every continent according to their website).

Please note that I described the interpretation as cancerous - not the people. The people are loved just as much by God and the rest of us Christians... but we sadly recognise that they have been led astray by those who have heaped unto themselves teachers, "having itching ears". I wonder how that scripture is worded in the Oxford Annotated Bible and its footnotes.)